Policies & Guidelines

The Monroe Way!

At Monroe Elementary School, we follow four schoolwide rules:

  • Be responsible
  • Be respectful
  • Be ready
  • Be safe.

The expectations attached to each of these rules are shared with students through explicit classroom instruction. Please see the attached responsibility form for specific expectations connected to each rule for each area of our school.

What is the Monroe MVP?

Monroe MVPs are determined each month for grades K-2 and 3-5. A student earns the title of Monroe MVP by earning the highest amount of Bird Bucks for their grade level for that month. Monroe MVPs are announced to the school and given special recognition and rewards. These rewards could include a small prize or fun activity.

What is Reward Day?

Students earn Bird Bucks throughout the school year for following our school rules and going above and beyond our school expectations. Twice a year (winter and spring), students are given the opportunity to use their Bird Bucks to ‘buy’ fun activities on Reward Day. Reward Day activities are organized to ensure all students are able to participate in a fun, social event. Reward Day activities are supervised and organized by the Monroe Elementary teachers and staff. Reward Day activities may include: gym games, outside games, art projects, dance parties, Legos, board games or other fun options. Reward Day also includes a yummy snack and drink.

What is the VIP Table?

Monroe has decided on four main areas in which our school as a whole will focus on throughout the year: being responsible, being respectful, being ready and being safe. Students receive Bird Bucks for following these rules and demonstrating actions that exceed these expectations. Students write their name on the Bird Buck and place it in their classroom collection bowl. At the end of each month, one Bird Buck is randomly drawn from each classroom and the winners’ names are announced schoolwide. These students are invited to eat lunch at the Monroe VIP Table on a designated day. Special decorations, activities, and treats add to the celebration. The students are served and entertained by Monroe Elementary teachers and staff during their Monroe VIP Table experience.

How do you earn Bird Bucks?

Students receive Bird Bucks for going “above and beyond” behavior expectations. We are all expected to be responsible, ready, respectful and safe at Monroe. When someone takes the extra step to demonstrate kindness or make good choices, they receive a Bird Buck. If a student clips up on the behavior chart, they receive a Bird Buck. Bird Bucks can come from any adult in the school at any time for exhibiting “above and beyond” behaviors.

What is a Monroe Outstanding Student?

The Monroe Outstanding Student Award is given to a student for being Respectful, Responsible, Ready and Safe. This student displays these qualities on a regular basis. The Outstanding Student Awards are selected by grade level teachers each month for each grade level. These students are given a certificate with their picture on it and a message that their grade level teachers wrote about them. The message will highlight how this student was Respectful, Responsible, Ready and Safe. The certificate will then be posted by the multi-purpose room and their names will be announced on KMON. In addition, a staff member calls each student’s family to share the good news.

How does the Monroe Clip Chart work?

In your child’s classroom, a behavior management program called the Clip Chart is used. The Clip Chart has been divided into seven colored levels – pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and red. Each student has a clip on the Clip Chart. Every student starts their week on “Ready to Learn” or green. Then, during the course of the day, the student can move their clip up or down the chart, based on the behavioral choices they make. If they are making good choices, their teacher will direct them to move their clip up a level. Inappropriate behavior would cause them to move down a level. If a student makes improved choices after moving their clip down, they will be given a chance to move their clip back up. If a student ends the day below green, their clip is returned to green for the following day for a brand new start. If a student ends the day on green or above, their clip will stay at their current level for the following day. In addition, students have the opportunity to be clipped off the chart to their teacher and then potentially the principal for exceeding Monroe’s schoolwide expectations. The students may receive special rewards for clipping to their teacher or the principal. All clips are returned to green for the following week.

Click on the file below to explore Monroe's School-Wide Expectations. 



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